Feb 152017

Portland, OR – February 14, 2016 – ON1, Inc. today announced ON1 Photo RAW 2017.0.2, a major update, available for immediate download. ON1 Photo 2017 is a complete photo organizer, editor, raw processor, and effects app all-in-one, providing photographers a world-class workflow solution. This latest update includes support for over a dozen new cameras, improved raw processing results, updated support for Fujifilm camera files, better highlight recovery, and other performance tuning and bug fixes. 

New in Version 2017.0.2

  • Added support for Compressed Lossless Fujifilm RAW photos
  • Improved processing quality for Fujifilm XTrans sensors
  • Improved highlight recovery
  • New raw file support for cameras including Olympus SH-2, E-M5 MKII, E-M1 MKII, Pentax K5 II, Nikon D5600, Panasonic DMC FZ2000, Panasonic DMC G2, Panasonic DMC G5, Panasonic DMC TZ80, Leica M10, Leica TL, Canon EOS 500D, Panasonic DMC LX15
  • Over 20 improvements to performance in Browse which is an area ON1 will continue improving
  • Several more performance updates and bug fixes are also included in this release

About ON1 Photo RAW 2017
ON1 Photo includes an all-new proprietary state-of-the-art raw processing engine and image-processing pipeline tuned for today’s sensors and graphics chips. Version 2017 provides a lightning fast photo browser along with powerful cataloging capabilities in one app without the restrictions other photo cataloging apps face. The app offers one of the fastest ways to cull photos making it easy to tag, rate, make color and tone adjustments, or add effects to photos. The non-destructive workflow utilizes sidecar files to store edits and allows photographers the ability to edit and adjust photos locally, in the cloud, or on file servers. This also allows photographers to access their photos from multiple computers and/or allow colleagues to access and edit the same photos from where they left off.

The instruction-based, non-destructive workflow in ON1 Photo 2017 surpasses other raw processors in other key ways. In addition to customary re-editable adjustments such as exposure, contrast, color, shadows and highlights, ON1 Photo offers non-destructive effects and portrait retouching. The ability to create layers, masks, and selectively apply filters and effects to raw photos (and other common file formats) in an all-in-one app, not multiple apps, separates it from other photo editors available today. ON1 Photo rounds out with the best all-inclusive effects app on the market. The simple to use, complex filters found in ON1 Effects—including B&W Conversions, Lens Blur, Skin Retouching, Dynamic Contrast, HDR, Color Grading, and many more—are all available in the non-destructive workflow allowing for endless possibilities when looking to create or recreate your style. You no longer need multiple apps or plug-ins for photo effects. ON1 Effects in ON1 Photo 2017 is all you need.

ON1 Photo works the way you want, and where you want. For photographers with established workflows, seamless integration as a plug-in for Adobe® Lightroom® and Photoshop® is built-in. It also works as a standalone host app for Google® Nik Collection and other photo editors; or as an extension to Apple® Photos. Common file formats—including JPEG, TIF, PSD, PSB, PND, and DNG—are supported and benefit from the speed and performance of the app.

ON1 Isn’t Done Yet
ON1 has adopted a new development process with ON1 Photo 2017. This will allow for continuous updates and new features approximately every 4-6 weeks. Several free updates to ON1 Photo are scheduled for the first half of 2017. These include: automatic lens correction, workspaces, compare mode, photo settings, versions, groups (stacks), camera profiles (film looks), updates for new cameras, and much more. Feedback from the ON1 community has been critical in helping prioritize product features. The Photo RAW Project is the best way for users to submit their ideas and feature requests for Photo RAW. Each submission is reviewed by ON1 and then voted on by the community. The more votes an idea gets, the higher likelihood it will get added into the app.

Price and Availability
ON1 Photo 2017 is available for $119.99. Previous owners of ON1 can upgrade for just $99.99. The app also includes activation via user accounts for up to five computers. You can also use ON1 Photo 2017 FREE for 30-days by downloading the trial from the ON1 website. The trial is fully functional without any limitations or watermarking.

General Press Inquiries: press@on1.com
Press Center: www.on1.com/press 
ON1 Photo 2017 News: www.on1.com/blog
ON1 Photo 2017 Product Details: www.on1.com/products/photo-raw
The Photo RAW Project: www.on1.com/products/photo-raw/ideas

Feb 132017

COPENHAGEN, Feb. 13, 2017 — Phase One, in cooperation with LogicKeyboard, is now shipping an official new keyboard for Capture One Pro, Mac version. The Capture One Pro keyboard layout has been designed based on feedback from the Phase One Certified Professional (POCP) program to support maximum productivity.


Key features include:

  • Apple Pro Keyboard
  • Original Apple ultrathin anodized aluminum enclosure
  • Professional Key mapping layout
  • Robust Pro-line full-color coded keys
  • Capture One shortcut titles and icons on keys

The Capture One Pro keyboard for Mac is now available to support three languages (American and British English and German). Additional language support will be available upon request.

Layout CKB-CAP1-M89B-US

Prices and Availability
The Capture One Pro keyboard is priced at 139 USD / 129 Euro (plus VAT where applicable) and is available now from authorized Phase One dealers worldwide: www.phaseone.com/partners

About LogicKeyboard
Founded in Denmark in 2002, LogicKeyboard is a young, progressive company providing flexible and effective keyboard solutions designed to optimize their customers’ workflows, processes and business potential. The company’s uncompromising focus on quality means that they work to ensure that when customers start using a new keyboard solution with custom keys from LogicKeyboard, that they should immediately notice the difference, both in terms of ease of use and increased productivity. http://logickeyboard.com/

About Phase One POCP
Phase One Certified Professional is a comprehensive training course in Phase One Camera Systems, Digital Backs and Capture One Software. It is designed to give digital techs and assistants the knowledge they need to be more efficient on set and attain the highest level of reliability with Phase One technology.

About Phase One
Phase One A/S is the world-leading provider of medium format digital photography systems and imaging solutions for professional photographers and industrial applications. Established in the early 1990s, Phase One is a true digital photography pioneer with a passionate commitment to image quality excellence and creative freedom. Phase One’s engineering and design expertise has produced imaging breakthroughs from high-resolution camera systems to advanced software for better photographic workflows and raw file editing. Phase One’s understanding and ability to optimize hardware and software integration underscores their award winning Capture One Pro software – widely preferred by professional photographers.

Phase One and Capture One are registered trademarks of Phase One A/S. All product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.

To connect with Capture One Pro, please go to:

Facebook at www.facebook.com/CaptureOnePro/
Instagram at www.instagram.com/CaptureOnePro/
LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/company/phase-one

Dec 112016

When the digital revolution arrived to photography, one of the side-effects was a demand for enterprise class storage even by the most amateur of photographers. Every digital photography course ever offered has always hammered this point:

Always use the best quality storage devices and always make sure you have two backups.

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Oct 172016

sad-macAfter eight years of nearly uninterrupted service, I finally had to retire my Mac Pro 2008. This dual-Xeon workstation served me long and faithfully, but Apple and the economy conspired against my upgrading to the latest and greatest Mac Pro. However, this was not a surprise. I saw the writing on the wall a long time ago. Continue reading »

Jul 272016

Priolite Ultra takes creative freedom a step beyond other monolights by allowing photographers to shoot at any shutter speed (up to 1/8000s) at any power output, all in the smallest all-metal construction monolight on the market. In order to freeze motion or balance ambient light in more moderately lit environments, photographers need to be able to drop the power of the strobe much more than just the two stops that most monolights allow for such high speed sync. With Priolite Ultra’s HotSync technology photographers can create the best possible exposure timing at any shutter speed, and most importantly, at any power setting (from 9Ws all the way up to 1000Ws)!
Priolite is a very affordable strobe option that does not compromise on quality or functionality. With compatibility for many major camera brands and a universal modifier mount, the Priolite Ultra can step right into any lighting kit. Some other features of the Priolite Ultra include:

  • 1/8000 high speed flash synch at any power level (from 9Ws up to 1000Ws)
  • Built-in 2.4 GHz wireless receiver compatible with Canon, Nikon, Sony and Pentax cameras (trigger and adjust up to 36 lights at the push of a button)
  • Universal modifier mount takes Priolite, Hensel, and Bowens-s mount without, and Elinchrom or Profoto with an adapter
  • Fine output control with 1/10th stop intervals
  • Recycling time of 2.5 sec at full power
  • LED modeling light (equivalent to 80 W halogen)
  • At only 8 inches in length and 5.6 inches wide, the lightweight Priolite Ultra is the extremely portability and ideal for travel
  • 220 full-power flashes per charge, and over 6000 at the lowest power setting
  • 5,500 Kelvin color temperature
  • Metal frame, metal hardware, metal mount, Li-Ion powered

Headquartered in Germany, Priolite has been engineering and manufacturing its photography lights since 2009. With the Priolite Ultra, the company is offering the Kickstarter community the first opportunity to jump on this next generation monolight. The campaign has structured backer packages starting at only $799, all of which can be found on the campaign page here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/priolite/priolite-ultra-1-8000th-flash-sync-compact-li-ion