May 182015

OK, if I ever win the lottery, I am buying a Leica M240 kit that looks like this except in silver:



That’s a Leica M240 + Multifunction Grip in an Arte Di Mano leather half-case that covers the whole shebang. Such decadence! Since money is no object in this little fantasy, I might drop for the Silver Leica M-P 240 + MF Grip + Case (in Rally Leather) + Matching leather finger loop + harem of Leica lenses.



C’mon Lotto!

Jun 122013

Leica unveiled the mysterious “Mini M” it had been hinting at on its Facebook page. Rumor sites pegged it as larger version of the X 2 with a non-removable zoom lens. The funny thing was that when the specs were leaked no one believed them.Leica X Vario front

I was told that all Leica dealers would have the camera on hand on announcement day, so I gave Peter Dooling of Leica Store Miami a call and set up an appointment to give the new Leica a “once over”. I decided to not read up on the camera first, to see what kind of an impression it made on me.

Leica X Vario back
In its native state (sans accessories), the X Vario sits between the M and X2 in size, being as tall as the M but thinner body-wise. It feels pretty solid, but not as solid as the all metal M. The lens protrudes from the body at all times. This precludes its storage in a jacket pocket (unless you happen to be The Doctor) but it can hang around your neck/shoulder easily enough.
Feb 142013

leica-logo.pngLeica will be opening it’s newest store in Miami, FL (technically it’s in Coral Gables, FL) at 372 Miracle Mile. The festivities begin on February 22, 2013 at 6 PM. The following Saturday Leica Store Miami will be hosting a Leica S System Demo Day starting at 10 AM. I, for one, am very pleased to see this happen as it will save me a lot of travel time (the next nearest Leica Store is in West Palm Beach). I will have another update when I visit the store.

Peter from the Leica Store Miami saw this post and sent me this additional information:

Our new retail location on Miracle Mile in Coral Gables will carry the full line of current Leica products, from the legendary M-System and the revolutionary Leica S line, to the full range of sport optics.

Leica Store Miami is not only a retail space, it is a place where we seek to ignite the spark of creative inspiration in photographers at all skill levels and from all walks of life. Our gallery will showcase a rotating exhibit of images, enabling customers to get an up-close look at how Leica has become a witness to history and a tool in creating the finest photographic art.

In addition, we will be hosting several in-house demos and workshops for professionals and enthusiasts seeking to discover or enhance their photographic skills. Workshops will be provided by the Leica Store Miami staff, Leica Akadamie, Magnum and other Leica professionals.

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Nov 182009

November 18, 2009 – Leica Camera Inc. / USA is proud to announce the grand opening of their first dedicated “Shop-in-Shop” in The Pro Shop for Photographers of the newly minted Palm Beach Photographic Centre (PBPC) Friday, December 4th, 2009. This will be the first Leica Shop-in-Shop to introduce the new Leica Store design to the U.S. market following debuts in Berlin, London, Paris and Moscow.  The event will feature commentary from Leica Camera U.S. President Roger Horn and PBPC President Fatima NeJame.

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Aug 282009

The Palm Beach Photographic Centre, one of South Florida’s leading non-profit visual arts organizations, is announcing that the Centre’s photo supply store, The Pro Shop for Photographers leica-banner.pngis partnering with Leica Camera (, the world’s leading manufacturer and purveyor of fine photographic equipment, to open a dedicated Leica Shop-in-Shop in its new location in West Palm Beach.  This will be the first Leica Shop-in-Shop to introduce the new Leica Store design to the U.S. following locations seen in Berlin, Paris and Moscow. Continue reading »