Adorama 24/7 Sling Bag Review

adorama May 11, 2016

Bags. Ever since cameras became small enough to be truly portable, photographers have been stuffing them into bags/satchels/rucksacks/etc. So, as part of the photographic experience, how you lug your stuff is almost as important as the stuff you are lugging. Cameras and lenses contain lots of glass and fiddly bits, so chucking them in an old burlap bag won’t cut it. Thus the photo bag industry was born.

Adorama has, of late, been introducing their own lines of photographic products: Flashpoint Lighting, Glow Light Modifiers, 3Pod Tripods[1], and now camera bags. Adorama has unveiled their 24/7 line of camera bags starting with the Traffic Collection. The Traffic Collection consists of six bags ranging from a pouch, two holsters, a shoulder bag, a messenger bag and a sling style backpack. I am reviewing the latter.

Disclosure: Adorama contacted me to see if I would be interested in reviewing their new line of bags. I was sent a review sample for this purpose. No other compensation was provided to me.


The 24/7 Traffic Sling Bag is made of sturdy nylon and features two compartments: a padded main compartment access from the side and a smaller, non-padded compartment accessed from the top. The non-padded compartment has pockets to hold pens, small flashlights and other knickknacks.

Secondary compartments include a zippered padded pocket accommodating up to a 12 inch tablet (I will have to go to the Apple Store to see if an iPad Pro 12.3 fits) and two pockets under the flap.

As this is a sling style bag, there is one main carrying strap and a secondary stabilizing strap. The main strap is well padded, while the stabilizing strap is just nylon webbing (which is Ok because its job is to keep the bag from swinging around your body.)

There is also a rain cover squirreled away in the bottom of the bag.

Zippers are all heavy duty and can be a little stiff to open/close. One nice touch is that the partition separating the two compartments can be opened via an internal zipper combining the two compartments into one (great for big lenses).


Over the years, I have used far too many bags. My wife can attest to this. Well made backpacks are great for traveling but are hard to get into quickly. Shoulder/messenger bags are easy to access but swing around a bit and cause me shoulder pain when carrying more than air in the bag for any extended period of time. Sling bags are the compromise. Comfy like a backpack but easy-to-access like a shoulder bag. The 24/7 Sling Bag is no exception.

The longish shape of the pack means that it settles nicely between the shoulder blades and hips (depending on how long your torso is). The single sling strap is well padded and does not dig into the shoulder even with a full load. There is a stabilizing strap that clips perpendicularly to the sling strap (rule of diagonals style) and prevents the bag swinging around and walloping whatever you bent down to look at. When not in use, it dangles like a flat orange tail from the bag. I recommend using the strap.

The bag comes with a zippered, removable pouch for the top compartment. This keeps all of the loose bits in one place and prevents them from worming their way into the furthest crannies of the bag making you doubt your memory and sanity. A old friend of my father summed this up eloquently as “the innate perversity of the inanimate.”

Overall, this is one of the most comfortable sling bags I have used.

Personal Notes

While this is the largest bag in the 24/7 Traffic Collection, it is by no means a big bag. Adorama claims is can hold a DSLR body, two lenses and a full sized flash. While this can be done, it required the removal of the kit bag and using the upper compartment as well as the main. I loaded my Olympus Pen-F, three (3) prime lenses, and compact speed light all neatly in the main compartment and the charger, 2 spare camera batteries, 6 spare AA Envelops (for the flash), plus my diabetic stuff in the pouch squirreled away in the top compartment. The bag is very well constructed with heavy-duty stitching and zippers but it is not made for trekking in the wilderness. This is a bag for wilds of Flatbush.

In my opinion, this is an excellent day-bag/everyday urban carry bag: big enough to carry all of the bits and bobs you need with you every day, yet keeping a relatively small profile. I feel I can safely stride the aisles of a department store without worrying about knocking over displays, mannequins or little old ladies when I turn around.


The Traffic Collection 24/7 Sling is a well-made bag suitable for everyday urban carry of mirrorless or small bodied DSLR cameras. The bag rides comfortably on the back and slides around easily granting access to the main compartment without having to remove the bag. Heavy duty stitching and zippers ensures that the bag will provide a long service life. A built-in raincoat allows the bag to easily protect you camera from the elements. It is not waterproof and will not protect your gear if dropped in the water or you get caught outside in a monsoon.

The 24/7 Sling bag is sold exclusively by Adorama and retails for $49.95 currently.


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