All quiet at the Apple Store...

apple Jun 15, 2010

Today, June 15, 2010, marked the pre-order launch of the iPhone 4. The demand for the latest smartphone from the Cupertino technology giant was such that both the online Apple Store and AT&T’s 3G wireless networks were brought to their digital knees.

However, in the brick and mortar Apple stores, all was business as usual. Folks queued up for their Genius Bar appointments, others asked questions of the blue shirted staffers about Apple products. While a gregarious few tried to pre-order their iPhone 4’s on the store machines, figuring that the Apple Store’s demo units would have an inside track for ordering. Such is not the case, as several customers tried fruitlessly to order on the stores Macs, Macbooks, iPads, and even someone on the iPhone 3Gs.

Me, I’m going to wait a day or so before I order my upgrades. Just to let the frenzy subside.