Alpa Previews New Grips for Alpa 12 TC

Alpa Dec 2, 2009

12/2/2009 – ALPA will introduce soon new handgrips for the ALPA 12 TC (right hand side only). The more simple one (see prototype in rosewood natural) will be available in rosewood natural and synthetic (soft touch). It offers a locking mechanism for back/lens levers and a new handstrap.

In addition we are working on a different version with integrated (cable) release and a complete set of also integrated wake-up facilities for the various digital back types as Phase One, Hasselblad, Mamiya et al. It will also offer the locking mechanism, of course.

We will inform about availability and pricing as soon as possible.


In an earlier release this year, Alpa noted that:

The all new CFV-39 is the successor of the Hasselblad CFV-16 digital back for the Hasselblad V system. The sensor used is the proven 39 MP class Bayer pattern sensor from Kodak. The back writes on conventional CF cards (the faster the better, we think), can get used computer independent operated/self contained as it has a battery bay (hurray, no jumble as with the external cabling for a H type back and even the same battery type as for the ImageBank) and features a built in FireWire 800 connection. As there is no heat sink as with the H backs and bodies this back has a built-in fan which only kicks in when needed. During our test the fan was mostly not needed or when turning it was at an acceptably quiet noise level.