Rumored Sony Alpha 800 - Hint to upcoming Nikon as well?

alpha May 31, 2009

PhotoRumors has posted the possible specs to a rumored new model DSLR from Sony dubbed the Alpha 800.

The specs they list are:

▪ 16.2MP full frame sensor exmor R (new technology)

▪ 100-25600 ISO

▪ 8 frame/sec

▪ SSI, same a900 OVF, new AF system,

▪ GPS and WiFi built-in

▪ 3.5 in. LCD display

▪ Pop-up flash

▪ Flash sync (1/500)

▪ Camera level

▪ 23 AF sensors

▪ Quick Live View

▪ Video Full HD

▪ Dust/splashes sealed

▪ Aluminum-magnesium alloy body

▪ Released early September, 2009

Similarly, the rumor mills are now abuzz with a tidbit that states that Nikon will not repeat the successful formula of stuffing their top-end pro sensor into a more compact semi-pro body (Nikon D3 –> Nikon D700) and instead will introduce another pro level body (even money says it will be the D3H). Now seeing as the Nikon D3X and Sony Alpha 900 share the same base sensor (the surrounding electronics and image processing engines are vastly different), it is not too large a stretch of the imagination that the D3H and any semi-pro offspring will sport a similar sensor.

I shoot stage and dance professionally so clean high ISO is a must for me! Sony has the finer optics (those autofocus Zeiss lenses are unmatched in quality) but not the low-light capability. This Alpha 800 is definitely a contender spec-wise if these are to be believed. If the D3H meets (or exceeds) these specs, I’m going to have to explain to my wife why I need to get one. I hope she understands.