Buddha in New York

40mm Nokton Jan 22, 2008

Buddha in New York
Originally uploaded by etrigan63

A recent trip to New York City uncovered a large Buddha hidden inside of the trendy Asian restaurant Tao. The Buddha stands (sits) over 20 ft tall and has an ever-changing light show playing over it. In it’s base is a koi pond and the koi are not coy. If they spot you, they will poke their heads out of the water looking for a handout. Think of them as gold and white homeless people.

The restaurant keeps the pan-Asian theme all the way down to the restrooms. On the walk downstairs you are met with images of the Dali Lama at various stages of his life. The restrooms are marked “Yin” and “Yang” (“women” and “men” respectively). Personally, if I hadn’t seen guys coming out of the Yang Room, I would have probably entered the wrong room.

Camera: Leica M8
Lens: CV 40mm Nokton Classic f/1.4
Shot RAW (DNG) and converted to B&W using Photoshop CS3 and Alienskin Exposure2.

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