CAMBO introduces Wide RS with new Tilt-Swing Lenses

Cambo Nov 26, 2009

The Cambo Wide RS is the choice for architectural, interior and landscape photographers, looking for a compact and lightweight camera body with all the necessary tools on board for perspective correction, offering a broad range of lenses which are quickly interchangeable within seconds, suitable for hand-held as well as precise tripod positioning, equipped with geared movements, manufactured according to the highest quality standards, made from high-grade aluminum alloy, and yet at an affordable price.


Cambo is pleased to announce the availability of a series of new Wide WTS lens panels for the Wide RS, the Wide DS and Wide Compact with built-in Tilt and Swing movements. The use of tilts and/or swings will allow the photographer to optimize the spatial sharpness by tilting the sharpness plane into any direction as desired. The WTS lens panels have their mechanism built-in, so there is no need for additional in-between adapters or bellow joints. This will assure a very precise sharpness plane with exact parallel planes of CCD and lens. This also enables the use of Tilt and Swing with relatively short focal lengths.

These new tilt-swing panels are additional next to our existing lens panels.

Key features of the WTS Lens panel are:

  • Knob driven fine-geared movements for Tilt and Swing
  • +5/-5 degrees Tilt and +5/-5 degrees Swing into both directions (10 degree range)
  • Tilt and Swing in separate movements, which can be used simultaneously or individually
  • No need for separate adapter, all mechanical parts are built-in
  • Interchangeable with existing WRS, WDS and WideCompact camera bodies and lens panels
  • Options to retrofit existing lenses into WTS lens panels
  • Available with Schneider Lenses Digitar 47, 72, 90, 120
  • Available with Rodenstock Lenses Digaron 28, 35, 40, 50, 70 and 90
  • Other focal lengths on request
  • Shift possibilities in the WideRS body allow for shifts without changing lens position
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