Canadian X-T1 Shipments Delayed Due To Trucker Strike

delay Mar 17, 2014

A truckers strike at the Port of Vancouver has greatly impacted the Canadian economy (to the tune of $885M CAD per week) and does not seem to have any end in sight. This is especially troubling for those of us who elected to purchase our Fuji X-T1’s from our neighbor to the North to take advantage of a great offer by Fujifilm Canada (free VG-XT1 vertical battery grip with the purchase of the X-T1 body only) and favorable currency exchanges. I spoke to Henry’s Camera where I had placed my order and was informed that there is a shipping container from Fujifilm sitting at the Port of Vancouver. The container cannot be checked in through Customs until the strike is resolved one way or another.

Despite this latest setback (the first being a light leak in the first batch of X-T1’s shipped), I am keeping my order with Henry’s and patiently waiting this all out. Please understand if my review is a bit delayed.

XT1 Front Left 56mm WhiteBK