Capture One Pro 6 and Profoto Studio Synergy Accelerates Workflow

Phase One Mar 6, 2011

FOCUS ON IMAGING, Birmingham, March 6, 2011 — Phase One and Profoto today announced the availability of a unique image capture and light control solution that allows photographers to capture images and to control lighting from within Capture One Pro 6, when using Profoto lighting equipment.

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How it works

A separate light control tool will be enabled in Capture One Pro 6 when the Profoto Studio plugin is installed. With this configuration and the Profoto Air USB transceiver, photographers have full remote access for wireless control of Profoto lighting equipment from within the Capture One application.

Value to photographers

“Prior to this solution, photographers would have to either switch between Capture One and Profoto Studio to get the optimal light on their set or they had to adjust the light manually,” said Carsten H. Olsen, senior product manager, Phase One. “Now photographers can stay focused on the scene and get their desired captures much faster.“

“Lighting is one of the key creative elements for the photographers we serve,” said Fredrik Fischer, product manager, Profoto. “The new combination of Profoto Studio and Capture One gives our customers easy access to experiment and develop their creative processes.”

Availability and Pricing

The new light control solution requires installation of Capture One Pro 6, a Profoto Studio plugin, and the Profoto Air USB transceiver to wirelessly control the Profoto lighting equipment. The solution is currently available on the Mac platform only.

Capture One Pro 6 is available now for EUR299 / USD399 from Phase One or Phase One partners. It can be purchased from the Phase One online store at The Profoto Studio plugin is available now and is free to all Profoto lighting equipment users. It can be downloaded from The Profoto Air USB transceiver is available for EUR362 / USD499 from Profoto dealers world wide. For a list of local Profoto dealers, see

The light control solution can be used with all supported Profoto light equipment. For a list of supported equipment please refer to: