Cool Rides: Weirdest Update Yet

cool rides Jun 11, 2009

OK, I’ve posted about my “Cool Rides” gallery on flickr before. Snazzy cars, bikes and other methods of transportation the strike my fancy (as my British friends would say) are the usual subjects. However, today I came across a press release of something so off-the-wall I had to add it.

The World’s Coolest Looking Riding Mower:

Husqvarna Pantera Leo

Behold the Husqvarna Panthera Leo, a concept riding mower with zero greenhouse gas emissions and built out of recyclable materials. This beauty is electric powered (there are five motors), can turn 360 degrees in place (no turn radius), and the tri-blade cutting deck flexes to match undulations in the lawn. The cutting deck can change its width, making itself narrower or wider as needed. Sensors in the cutting deck alert you to any tree roots lurking about and since it’s electric, it’s very, very quiet.

It looks to me like the chimeric offspring of a John Deere Mower, a Delorean Sports Car, and a Norelco razor.

But wait! There’s a video: