Voigtlander Announces Ultra-Wide Heliar 12mm in M-Mount

cosina Jan 20, 2010

Cosina Voigtlander has announced a new version of it’s amazing Ultra Heliar 12mm f/5.6 lens. Now available in M-mount, this new version of the lens is rangefinder coupled and can be fitted with a 67mm filter. The lens has a 121 degree field of view but is not a fisheye lens.


Cameras such as the Leica M8/M9 will need to use an external viewfinder. For the M8, use a 15-16mm VF, for the M9 use a 12mm VF.



  • Focal length / 12mm
  • Lens / 8 groups of 10 elements
  • Minimum Aperture / F22
  • Angle / 121 °
  • Number of diaphragm blades / 9
  • Minimum focusing distance / 0.5m
  • Work scope rangefinder / ∞ ~ 0.7m (depending on camera)
  • Maximum diameter / φ74.6mm
  • Filter Size / 67mm
  • Overall length / 42.5mm ◎ Weight / 156g ◎ Mount / VM mount

The lens will be available in Japan starting Monday and retails for ¥ 85,000 ( ~ $932 USD ). I will contact Stephen Gandy (CameraQuest) regarding US price and availablity.

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