Epson Reintroduces the R-D1 Digital Rangefinder

Feb 28, 2009

Epson originally introduced the R-D1 digital rangefinder in 2006. The camera met with lukewarm reception despite the advances. After Leica introduced the M8 did the much less expensive R-D1 really start to get popular. Now, three years after the original, Epson has reintroduced this uber-retro digital with the R-D1xG.

Sporting such new features as SDHC support (up to 32GB), a 2.5“ 23 million pixel LED lit rear display, and RAW+JPEG support, the camera retains the analog features (and quirks) that endeared it to the rangefinder crowd.
img_dist3.rRiqXQrpGH18.jpg img_dist4.oat1vAfMvOcP.jpg img_dist5.IWwLsAIK5TA6.jpg

Fully compatible with all M-mount lenses (and Leica Thread Mount via adapter) gives the R-D1xG over 200 lenses to choose from.

Manufactured by Cosina for Epson, the camera is expected to ship on 4/9/2009 in Japan. Expected price is ¥299,000 (around $3000 USD).