Flashpoint Auto Lightstand Review

Accessories Apr 6, 2016

As photographers begin to expand their horizons artistically, they will come to a point that studio lighting becomes a part of their workflow. (OK, birders, sport/street shooters, and photojournalists can go read something else) Studio light kits are a great way to start, but unless you drop some rather large coin for them, corners will have been cut by the lighting maker. This usually is applied to the light stands that are included in the kit. I have owned several kits and I have always found that the included stands are a little bit on the wobbly side. So you run out and buy some beefier lightstands and you discover that their stability (dutifully obeying the laws of physics) is derived from the wide stance of their tripod. That’s great because now your lights are steady.

Until you have to move them.


Some lightstands come with wheels but that doesn’t make them any easier to move about. Outside of that, not much has been done to improve that situation. Until now.

Adorama has introduced an automatic lightstand. Automatic? Like in self-deploying? No, not self-deploying, but the next best thing. You have to manually set up this lightstand just like every other one, but once you have done that, that’s when the magic happens. The Flashpoint Auto Lightstand can automatically retract its legs when picked up and deploy its legs when put back down.



This transforms the stand from what is, in effect, an upside-down open umbrella into a simple pole and back again. You can now move your lightstands without having to worry about tripping over the silly things.


The Auto Lightstand comes in two heights (7′ and 9′ – 9′ model shown above) and cost $49.95 and $79.95 respectively. The stand also includes a handy carrying case.