Hasselblad and Sony Team Up to Create the Ugliest Camera I Have Ever Seen

Camera Sep 18, 2012

At Photokina Day 2, medium format camera maker Hasselblad and Sony announced the joint development of the Hasselblad Lunar. I say “joint development” because, quite probably, many were smoked to dream up this idea.
What Hasselblad and Sony have done is take the innards of a NEX-7, replace the sensor with something slightly newer, wrap the whole thing in an ergonomic orgy of design and mismatched luxury materials, slapped the H Logo on it and charge 5 times as much. At least when Leica rebadges a Panasonic, they load up their own image conversion algorithms and provide lens designs.

Now, to be completely honest, I have never seen one personally and therefore have not held it in my hands. Who knows, the ergonomics may be so awesome that I would be willing to overlook its appearance. Except that the NEX-7 was never a heavy camera to lug around. Sure, my hands were too big for it and I might find a better fit with the Lunar, but if I am going to lay down the amount of money they are asking for this camera (€5,000), I am willing to spend a little more and get the new Leica M.


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