Hasselblad Announces Launch Events for HD4-40

Camera Feb 1, 2010

Hasselblad confuses me. I signed an NDA (which I am honoring, BTW) that restricts me from discussing their new camera product, the H4D-40. I can say the name because I have two general emails from them stating it, their website states it, and Photo Pro Magazine in the UK has a print ad with the camera name and the launch date.


OK, I’m all for product secrecy before launch and everything, but why go through the motions if the company themselves (and their PR firm) blow the NDA?

What exactly have you legally bound me to do?

Not talk about the product? – You are doing that.

Not discuss technical details? – You haven’t sent me any. I can deduce them from other press releases and guess the missing bits.

Not show any sample images? – You haven’t sent me a sample camera to shoot with. I can assume that you tapped some of the Hasselblad Masters to showcase the product and they will undoubtedly produce some truly stunning images with it, but if you are going through the motions and expense of an NDA, send those of us who agreed to your terms a camera to test on our own, not in some controlled experiment.

NDA means Non Disclosure Agreement. It’s only meaningful if there is something to disclose. It’s not a tool to let the company make announcements before anybody else.

For those of you who want to register for the event, click on the picture above.