Infrared palms

IR Feb 8, 2008

Infrared palms
Originally uploaded by etrigan63

When Leica designed the M8 they elected to install an extremely thin anti-aliasing (AA) filter over the sensor to increase the overall sharpness of the images captured by the camera. However, this had the side-effect of making the M8 sensitive to IR reflections. This manifested itself in certain dark fabrics (mostly synthetics) acquiring a magenta cast. Leica’s fix was to issue IR/UV cut filters to be mounted over the lenses.

The Leica community, however, realized that this “weakness” could be turned into an advantage. By using a B+W 092 Near Infrared filter the M8 is capable of capturing surreal images by blocking almost all of the visible light and recording the near-infrared portion of the spectrum.

This was the first attempt (that I liked) using the M8 + 092 IR filter. Image was shot RAW and converted using Lightroom and a false color IR preset I got from KillerLightroomTips.