iPad 2 - For Apple, Lightning Strikes Twice

apple Mar 11, 2011

Fans were lining up outside The Falls Apple Store in Miami, FL today since 6 AM in order to be the “first on the block” to own the latest version of Apple’s wildly successful iPad, the iPad 2. I passed by the store around 3:30 PM to see how the line was doing. What greeted me was similar to the huge lines I saw when Apple launched OS X Leopard, wrapping around the open-air mall for hundreds of feet.

The First Four

These gregarious fellows had been there since 6 AM in the morning! From right to left, Matt, Jonathan, Andre and Max, were all raring and eager for the store to open so they could have the honor of being first. Similar events were happening at pretty much every Apple Store in the universe. I got a report from Texas that Apple fans had camped out for days in front of a store.

A friend of mine got there around the same time I did, and he was able to get his iPad2 (black, 64GB Verizon model) at around 6:45 PM. He called me a reported that over 100 people were still in line. The store ran out of 64GB AT&T models about an hour after the store opened at 5 PM.

Regardless, Apple looks to have another mega-hit on its hands and will be comfortably maintaining a leading role in this computing segment that they defined.

Here are some more shots from today:

The End of the Line at 3:30 PM.

The front of the line

Friendly atmosphere

The Manager makes the Announcement