Leaf Unveils Leaf Capture Remote for iPhone and iPod Touch

iphone app Dec 8, 2009

From an email that appeared in my inbox yesterday:


Dear Carlos,

We are excited to share with you the availability of Leaf Capture Remote – an application that extends Leaf Capture 11 workflow software, transforming an Apple iPhone™, or iPod® Touch into a remote image viewer. The Leaf Capture Remote application allows you to view, zoom and pan hi res Leaf RAW images on an Apple iPhone and iPod Touch.

It is the first application to permit real-time, on-set remote viewing of medium format images, enabling instant feedback on any shot.

Now, while you are shooting tethered using Leaf Capture 11 software, your clients or a creative director can view the fresh images over a standard Wi-Fi network on an Apple mobile device.

Leaf Capture Remote application version 1.0 is free and available now for download from Apple’s iPhone App Store. It supports any Leaf medium format digital system that is also supported by Leaf Capture.

Additional information on installation and setup of the Leaf Capture server application is available on the Leaf website.

I have downloaded the software and will be reviewing it as soon as I can get a Leaf back and camera in-house (LEAF: hint, hint!)