Leica 09-09-09 Webcast Coverage

Leica Sep 9, 2009

Leica’s webcast covering the new products being introduced today will be covered in this blog post. Please refresh this thread for more information.600px-Leica_Camera_logo.svg.png

9:02 AM – Placeholder still on the screen.

9:06 AM – Placeholder updated. Show starts at 9:15 AM.

9:10 AM – BJP reports only coffee drinking and chit-chat. 5 min to go.

9:15 AM – Showtime. Theoretically.

9:17 AM – Show actually starting. Leica CEO, Rudi Spiller saying “hi”.

9:19 AM – Rudi still crowing about Leica engineering history and why Leica’s cost more.

9:22 AM – History of Leica Camera.

9:25 AM – Image of Seal holding an M9. Why isn’t there an image of Carlos holding an M9?

9:26 AM – Three new Leica products being introduced.

9:27 AM – Stefan Daniels taking the stage.

9:28 AM – Leica M9 formally introduced. Digital full frame M camera. Almost all M-lenses supported. Kodak sensor exclusive to M9 – 18 Mpix.

9:33 AM – M9 available for purchase very shortly. Leica X1 introduced. Microphone malfunction.

9:35 AM – APS-C sensor, Elmarit 24mm f/2.8 fixed lens. Full manual controls, autofocus, all metal body. Auto-exposure and P&S modes. Available early December 2009.

9:37 AM – Leica S2 production model shown. Only MF system that is weather/water sealed. Will ship October 2009.

9:40 AM – Seal introduced. Big Leica fan. Packing an M9 already. Lucky bastard.

9:42 AM – Leica beta tester requirement – International singing star.

9:44 AM – Seal: “Love affair with Leica cameras…” bought an M6 + Noctilux right off the bat. Guess that’s whom Leica is after.

9:47 AM – Seal: “Leica has stayed true to their philosophy.”

9:49 AM – Rudi Spiller gives Seal an S2. No R10.

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