Leica Drops Another Photokina Hint

Leica Sep 5, 2010

Reader Dr. Josesph forwarded me a copy of a letter sent to him by Leica concerning the R-System and a possible solution that might be announced


shortly. A m4/3 based system with an adapter would make all of those R lenses floating about quite viable again and would not limit the camera to a niche market.


30. August 2010/
Ulrich Deiß / Infoservice / Telefon 06442 208 – 111 / Telefax – 455 / [email protected]

Dear Mr. Dr. Joseph,

Thank you very much for your e-mail regarding the LEICA R System. I can understand your disappointment that there will be no “R10”. Please let me explain the reason for this:
At photokina 2008 Leica Camera AG announced that a digital reflex camera “LEICA R10” would compliment the R-System. At this time the technical and economical assessments for the project were in progress. The findings have shown that under the present technical capabilities of Leica and the current competitive situation the market potential for a digital reflex camera with R-Bayonet would be limited to current R customers. Chance for getting new customers using competitor´s products would be quite low. The installed customer base using R-equipment would not have been sufficient to pay back the investment into the development of such a digital system. For this reason Leica Camera AG was forced not to proceed with this project.

We are fully aware that you like to use your valuable R lenses on a digital Leica body in a adequate way. This need has been integrated into the development of new camera systems. We kindly ask for your understanding that we cannot make a more precise statement or detailed information concerning new developments or possible market introduction dates.

Mit freundlichen Gruessen / kind regards

i. A. Dipl. Photo Ing. Ulrich Deiß / Leica Support Specialist
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