Leica EVIL Camera for Photokina?

Camera May 5, 2010

LeicaRumors has received a tip that Leica is planning to introduce an EVIL (Electronic Viewfinder Interchangeable Lens) camera at Photokina 2010.

“We will see a full frame Leica EVIL on Photokina 2010. It will look like the Leicaflex 18X24 prototype. Of course without mirror or the film lever and so on. It will be a VERY small system camera, but there will be a big battery grip you can use, if you want. The AF is very special, moving chip, the phase AF is ON the main sensor. Only in black, 21 mp, 2fps, native ISO from 50 to 6400. Full magnesium. Price: body only 3200 EUR. Will start with 3(!) pancakes, 2 primes, 2 zooms.”



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  • This bodes for a very radical change in lens design. Moving the AF into the body is not new (Contax did that with their N-system), but Leica’s strength has always been lens design.
  • Dedicated lenses for this platform would be much simpler in design and construction as they will lack a focusing mechanism.
  • Manual focus will have to be controlled from the body since having a lens barrel focusing mechanism would throw off the AF.
  • The rumored quantity of lenses will make a very strong showing for the platform. 4/3 & m4/3 had the benefit of being able to access a huge backlog of existing lenses.