Leica M9 Brochure Leaked To The Web

brochure Sep 5, 2009

Leica last week sent out invitations to everyone to see their live webcast on 09/09/09 at 9:09 AM EDT to hear about their new line of products. AstuteLeica M9 Front (Black) observers noticed discrepancies in the M camera portrayed in the video from the standard M8/M8.2. Add to that more rumors hitting the web, the plethora of nines in the date and the time, and a lot of other subtle indicators and a consensus was reached that an M9 was in the offing. Spy photos were posted and taken down. Links were posted then removed. Well, the Leica M Brochure has been leaked to the web and there’s an M9 on the front page.

Wednesday is going to be very very interesting.