Macworld and the lack of Steve

apple Jan 6, 2009

Wow. Just got through possibly the worst coverage of Macworld I have ever seen. One can see that Steve Jobs is truly the dynamic force behind the scenes in Cupertino.

To wit:

No Steve = No live video feed
No Steve = No Snow Leopard update
No Steve = No Blu-ray support announcement
No Steve = No Mac Mini refresh
No Steve = No netbook sized MacBook (MacBook Mini? MacNote?)
No Steve = No vid card refresh for Mac Pro
No Steve = No Cinema Display refresh

Top that all off with MacRumors’ live coverage getting hacked (“STEVE JOBS JUST DIED” was inserted into their comment stream by person(s) unknown) and then their site went down.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I know better than most people how dangerous anything happening to the pancreas is (I am a survivor of necrotizing pancreatitis – which has a 2% survival rate in 1 month vs, pancreatic cancer’s 20% the first year), and I do not begrudge Mr. Jobs looking after his health. It just without Steve, Apple loses quite a bit of its zing.

On a positive note, two new MacBook Pro models were introduced and the 17-inch unit looks amazing. I am going to have to head over to my favorite Apple store to get a gander at one. The thinness and high-gamut display bode well for photographers in the field, especially with photographer-centric Windows laptops already on the market (expect my review of the Lenovo W700 this week).

The new iLife and iWork are worthy upgrades considering the amount of utility people get for the price and I am glad to see that Apple finally realizes that there is more to the net than MobileMe.