Mamiya lowers MFD prices.

Digital Jul 14, 2010

TOKYO, NEW YORK and TEL AVIV, July 14, 2010 – Mamiya Digital Imaging today announced the first step in a global campaign to offer up-and-coming photographers creative freedom beyond their DSLR cameras. Following successful test marketing in the United States, Mamiya has announced that three of its popular medium format camera systems — the Mamiya DM 22, DM28 and DM33 — are now available worldwide at affordable prices.

Mamiya DM System


Systems are based on a “Team Phase One” approach, which consists of technologies developed from Leaf, Mamiya and Phase One – companies that have decided to work together to offer the widest selection of choice to professional photographers. This approach achieves synergies in procurement, production, development, and service/support that help reduce costs and facilitate offering more affordable high quality digital camera solutions to customers.


The Mamiya DM22 digital camera, for example, is available at a retail price as low as $9995/€6995. All systems feature the Mamiya 645DF camera body, proven digital back technology from Leaf Imaging, and Phase One Capture One software, the powerfully precise and flexible raw processing and image editing application. These camera systems are known for producing exceptional image quality, clarity and detail under many different conditions, and for offering a truly “eye-opening” shooting experience.

Mamiya customers also enjoy a wide range of lens choice — more than 15 different lenses, including lightweight focal plane lenses and the new leaf shutter lenses designed in Germany by Schneider Kreuznach, which offer flash synchronization of up to 1/1,600 per second.

“We want to introduce the medium format ‘WOW’ sensation to more photographers, which is why we are offering equipment that’s affordable for up-and-coming pro shooters and passionate amateurs,” said Ziv Argov, marketing director for Mamiya. “Instead of purchasing a second DSLR, their new gear can introduce them to a new visual language that helps them realize an even more creative portfolio.”

“We offer proven, reliable technology, that’s designed and manufactured so that our customers are free to focus on capturing their visions,” said Mamiya president Toshio Midorikawa. “It’s not our cameras that take great pictures, it’s our customers who do.

“We are very enthused about the success of Mamiya DM systems in the United States,” said Jan Lederman, president of Mamiya America. “It is exciting that photographers worldwide now will have the opportunity to own such powerful digital camera systems at such affordable prices.” Technical highlights include superior performance data, such as high resolution, richly detailed files up to 190MB 16bit TIFF per image. Each system features the largest medium format touch screen display (6x7cm) available for simple handling. The 645DF camera is designed to be the most reliable and durable medium format camera on the market.

Pricing and Availability The Mamiya DM 22, 28 and 33 medium format digital camera systems are available now. For detailed product specifications and where to buy, please visit

About Mamiya Digital Imaging For almost 70 years, Mamiya has been a name synonymous with excellence and innovation in professional photographic cameras and lenses. Mamiya Digital Imaging is dedicated to the professional and advanced amateur markets. Mamiya continues to be a pioneer by continually improving and refining the finest professional photographic products with state-of-art advancements such as superior apochromatic lens technology and practical, ergonomic camera design and function. For Mamiya it’s always been about one thing: the love of photography. A passion shared by enthusiastic owners of Mamiya cameras all over the world.

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