Match Technical Developing Thumbs Up for Fuji X-E1

accessory Sep 16, 2012

I have just been informed by Tim Isaac, of MatchTechnical Services, that they are busy developing a version of the Thumbs Up for the Fuji X-E1. They expect to start taking orders and begin shipping next month. wpid-x-pro1withep-7s031of1-2012-09-17-01-38.jpg

For those of you unfamiliar with the Thumbs Up, a brief explanation:

Shortly after Leica introduced it’s now legendary M8 digital rangefinder, Mr. Tim Isaac, engineer and photographer, decided that something was missing from the Bauhaus design of the Leica M8: a place to put your thumb. Working with Ms. Hong Chen and the members of Rangefinder Forum and the Leica Users Group, he developed a little CNC machined brass gadget that slips into the camera’s hot-shoe and adds a place where one can comfortably and naturally place their thumb, greatly enhancing the ergonomics of the camera.

That was six years ago. Tim and company have expanded their product lines to include not only the Leica M & X digital cameras, but the Fuji X-Series as well (the photo above shows the latest addition to the Thumbs Up family – the EP-7S for the Fuji X-Pro1), plus a range of other accessories.

I am already on Tim’s list for the Thumbs Up for the X-E1.