Micro Four Thirds vs. Medium Format - The Definitive Answer

editorial Mar 15, 2016

The OnlinePhotograper reports on the status of Micro Four Thirds vs. Medium Format in terms of image quality. In an interview with long-time photography professional Ctein, OnlinePhotographer asked “when will Micro Four Thirds images exceed the quality of Medium Format?” Ctein’s response: “-6 years.”


“Image quality is a multidimensional thing, some of which can be quantified and some not. Still, by no measure of image quality does a good Micro 4/3 camera and lens perform more poorly than a good medium format film rig, and by some measures it performs considerably better. My overall subjective evaluation is that the aggregate image quality of Micro 4/3 today, in film terms, falls midway between 6×7 medium format and 4×5-inch large format.

“Almost everyone you can find who is still arguing that Micro 4/3 can’t match up to professional film has not done substantial amounts of serious work in both media. I believe the technical term is ‘talking through one’s hat.'”

So there it is. The question was answered six years ago and nobody noticed.

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