More Hasselblad Lunar News

hasselblad Mar 26, 2013

Hasselblad has updated their website for the Lunar mirror less camera (a glorified Sony NEX-7 which they swear upon Victor’s grave contains many innovations). The site update has users register themselves for more Lunar news and allows them to “pick their Lunar”. I selected the zebra wood model. Hopefully, as the Lunar exits the prototype phase, Hasselblad could reveal that the innards are that of the next-generation NEX-7 instead of the released model. This could be wishful thinking on my part considering that the specs on the website are exactly those of the currently released NEX-7.

Hasselblad Lunar Prototype
One thing that the Lunar does have going for it is the better grip. Fancy materials notwithstanding, the larger grip surface would make the camera much easier for me to hold anyway. However, 5000 Euros for just the grip is a bit hard to swallow. If the grip is all I am after then the prototype cage+grip from ReWo might be a more affordable solution. I’d just lose the rail mounts on the bottom and make the bottom and side plates Arca-Swiss compatible.
ReWo NEX 7 Cage