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New Fuji Coming Soon...

fujifilm Mar 20, 2022

Any industry that relies on electronic components (IE: 98% of everything) has been struggling with the "new normal". Digital photography especially. In spite of this, camera makers have begun releasing new products again.

This May, Fujifilm will be celebrating the 10th anniversary of the X-System. Fuji will be announcing a new camera with all new tech. Historically, this would be an iteration of their X-Pro series with other models lines getting the tech drip fed to them in later releases.

This time, Fuji has decided to spread some love to their other flagship camera series - the X-H cameras. Not only that, they are going to emulate the competition <cough>Sony<cough> and release two models! The rumor mills have been rife with all kinds of specs for these new cameras.

Supposedly, both cameras will have back-illuminated stacked sensors (still using the horribly named X-Trans Color Array) so they will have very speedy readouts. Both will have in-body image stabilization (IBIS) and will coordinate with Fuji OIS lenses for even more stabilization. One model will be video oriented (a first for Fuji) with a 26 megapixel sensor. The other model will be photo oriented with a 40 megapixel sensor. Search for X-H2 rumors and you can read up on these yourself.

Last week, I had the opportunity to speak with the Fuji rep for our side of the country and the talk was very enlightening. He did not spill any details of the new camera(s) but he was amazed at how accurate always was. Way to go Patrick!

That was enough for me and I placed myself on the list to purchase an X-H2 when they hit the shelves. I am happy to say I am first on the list.