New Leica Camera US Pricing and Availability

brochure Sep 9, 2009

With today’s webcast, the NDA on the new Leica M9 and X1 cameras has been 600px-Leica_Camera_logo.svg.pnglifted. Leica had tweeted that not everything had been leaked to the web, but I saw no new surprises in the webcast (other than Seal strutting around with his new M9 and the fact that they gave him an S2! Lucky bastard.)

The Leica M9 will be available in the next few days for a retail price of Leica M9 Front (Black)$6,995 USD (which, while still high, is lower that what most pundits expected.)

The leaked Leica M brochure can be downloaded from here.

The Leica X1 will begin shipping in December 2009 and retail for $1.995 USD.

I will post a gallery of photos from today’s Leica event at Dale Photo & Digital later this evening.