Olympus E-P1 pixellated

micro four thirds Jun 6, 2009

Olympus’ highly anticipated entry into the micro four-thirds arena, the direct descendant of the classic Olympus PEN, is scheduled to be revealed on June 16, 2009. Some of the invites include chainsaws (how cool is that!)

Olympus Micro 4/3 HK Teaser

Add to that the video where they bung an Olympus E-620 and Stylus Tough in a blender…

However, the really juicy tidbit was revealed at omuser.com, an Olympus fansite based out of Hong Kong. There a pic of an actual E-P1 was loaded. Here is the image in question:

Olympus E-P1 Top View

Based on this top-down view, we can assume the following:

  • Built-in flash (not popup)
  • Large (3″+?) LCD display on back
  • No optical/electronic viewfinder (possible shoe-mounted accessory as was previously speculated)
  • In-camera image stabilization/dust removal (SSWF = Supersonic Wave Filter)
  • Full/semi-auto + manual operation and movie mode (HD?)
  • 17mm f/2.8 prime!
  • Exposure compensation
  • Orange leather is gone (w00t!)
  • Top plate shows PEN pedigree

If my wife sees this, I may have to buy two…