Otterbox 3G Defender case for the iPhone 3G

gadget Dec 6, 2008

The Apple iPhone has the distinction of being one of the most sought after gadgets of that last two years. My wife and I caved in this October and got ourselves a pair. With features and functions that suit the needs of an incredibly diverse audience, the svelte, smooth iPhone is the current go-to gadget on the market. Protecting this technological marvel has become a bit of382635_OtterBoxLogo.jpg an industry with scores of holsters, skins, and hard cases available at your local Apple Store. For those folks who crave the iPhone but often find themselves in harsh environments, the designers at Otterbox have come to the rescue. The Otterbox 3G Defender case for iPhone is not so much a case as it is a suit of armor for your iPhone 3G. Think of it as Tony Stark’s iPhone case (his would be red and gold however).

The Otterbox 3G Defender is a double shell protective case that allows the iPhone to easily survive in environments that would normally be fatal and warranty-voiding. The 3G Defender uses a hard polycarbonate inner shell with covers for the earpiece, microphone, and speakers. The inner shell also integrates a cover for the iPhone’s touchscreen. If you already have a touchscreen “skin” installed, I am happy to report that the double layer of protection does not impede the screen’s operation in any way. The hard inner shell is then covered by a silicone skin that adds grippy-ness and protects against bumps and shocks. It also provide silicone covers to all of the iPhones switches and access ports, sealing out dust and moisture.

Outer and Inner shells of the 3G Defender

Otterbox 3G Defender and holster

Holstered 3G Defender

Let me make this perfectly clear: this is not a waterproof housing for your iPhone 3G, so don’t plan on using it underwater. It does, however, ruggedize your iPhone to a point where you can feel better about using it at construction sites, factories, or anyplace else where the iPhone’s delicate features would get marred or scratched. Just don’t plan on hammering nails with it.

The holster holds the iPhone VERY securely, almost obsessively so. You have to practice removing/replacing the iPhone to get good at it. I would do that before running off into the field with it as it may cost you a couple of missed calls before you get the hang of it. The holster also has openings so as not to muffle the speakers which is a nice touch.


* Unmatched protection for your iPhone 3G
* Provides dust and moisture seals for all vulnerable points on the iPhone 3G
* Adds grippy outer cover to the iPhone 3G
* Includes cover screen for the iPhone 3G’s touch screen
* Includes latching holster


* Holster requires a little practice to remove the iPhone. May cause you to miss a few calls while you get used to it.
* Adds to the size of the iPhone, but not by much.
* Grippy outer cover makes it difficult to extract from tight jeans pockets – wear cargo pants.

In conclusion, if you want to take your iPhone 3G on a hike, out to a construction site, or you are worried about your case of chronic butterfingers the Otterbox 3G Defender is the case of choice for your iPhone 3G.