Palm Beach Photographic Centre to host Leica Store

Leica Aug 28, 2009

The Palm Beach Photographic Centre, one of South Florida’s leading non-profit visual arts organizations, is announcing that the Centre’s photo supply store, The Pro Shop for Photographers leica-banner.pngis partnering with Leica Camera (, the world’s leading manufacturer and purveyor of fine photographic equipment, to open a dedicated Leica Shop-in-Shop in its new location in West Palm Beach.  This will be the first Leica Shop-in-Shop to introduce the new Leica Store design to the U.S. following locations seen in Berlin, Paris and Moscow.Following the success other brands have had with opening dedicated storefronts (most notably Apple), Leica is going the brick-and-mortar route to increase brand awareness and to promote sales. The success or failure of this endeavor will hinge on increasing the popularity of Leica’s products.

Apple launched their first Apple Store on May 19, 2001, with the introduction of the iPod on October 23, 2001. Almost as if Steve had planned it. Apple’s success with the Apple Stores is due mostly to the “halo effect” from the immensely popular iPod and iPhone. All other Apple products were along for the ride. Leica needs a product that will sell constantly and consistently to the general populace and act as an introduction to the more esoteric members of their product lines.

The Shop-in-Shop is expected to open in six weeks. I will be there with bells on.