PAW Update

Feb 24, 2009

I have been dragging my feet posting updates to my Picture A Week (PAW) project. I have been taking photos and posting them, I just keep forgetting to publish here. So here is a recap of PAWs 4-8 (after the jump).

PAW #4

This is a six shot stitch using my Hartblei 45mm Super Rotator lens. Useful for perspective control and architectural photography.

PAW #5

This is a shot of the Cambo Wide DS Technical Camera. Technical cameras are used for architecture and landscapes but the shift mechanism is incorporated into the body of the camera, not the lens. These cameras typically use medium format analog and digital backs.

PAW #6

OK, this week I was hard up for a good photo, so I whipped up this wallpaper using some stock imagery from the Nikon press site.

PAW #7

Three Faces of Mel – my first attempt at a “multiplicity portrait”. Based on the work of Natalie “Miss Aniela” Dybisz.

PAW #8

Study Hall – second attempt at multiplicity portraiture. Came out a bit better than the first one.

and now announcing

PAW #9

The Corsican Knight 2 – from the 2009 Florida Renaissance Festival.