PAW Week #3

Alpa Jan 18, 2009

OK, this is not exactly a picture taken by me, but I did design the wallpaper. This is an Alpa 12 SWA technical camera with a Leaf Aptus-II digital back. It is used for architectural and landscape images because of its shift capabilities and the extremely high pixel count (up to 60 megapixels depending on the back). Strangely enough, the camera itself is extremely simple in design with no electronics (other than the stuff on the digital back) and a scale focus design (you have to guesstimate the distance to the subject and dial it into the lens). However, it uses some of the most spectacular lenses in the industry and once mastered, captures breathtaking images. I want one. The problem: the rig pictured above starts out at about $20,000 USD (for the 28 MP model).