Pentax 645D News

645d Sep 25, 2010


The Pentax 645D has been flying off the shelves in Japan (the only country where it is sold, for now), and Pentax announced that they will begin shipping this wundercamera in Europe and the UK on December 1, 2010.

In an interview with PDNOnline, Ned Bunnell, president of Pentax USA, stated:

“We’re going to start to bring the 645D into the States in late November or early December but that’s based on availability,”

“We’re still fighting fairly significant back orders in Japan.”

Bunnell added that the 645D will be on display at the PhotoPlus Expo in New York City at the end of October 2010. “PhotoPlus is where we’ll make our big splash,” he said. Bunnell stated that when the camera does go on sale in the US, customers will receive one-on-one support from Pentax.

“What we’re saying is, if a photographer buys this camera, we will provide that photographer with direct contact to one of our support staff in Golden, Co. It’s different from if you bought one of our traditional cameras in the past when you got a support group. In this case, you’ll have a name.” Pentax plans to officially announce this new 645D support plan at PhotoPlus Expo.

I will personally be attending PhotoPlus again this and will be bringing you more coverage of this fascinating new camera.

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Here is a video from Japan showing the Pentax 645D using a Eye-Fi X2 Pro card to wirelessly transmit photos to the photographer’s Mac. Granted, he is shooting JPG (Lightroom 3 didn’t support 645D DNGs or PEF files when he filmed this), but the 645D spits out 18 Mb JPGs and the transfer is pretty quick.

You will also note that the photographer is triggering his flashes using a MicroSync Digital.

Here is a video from The Camera Store where they schlep the 645D on a fly fishing trip.

The 645D gets totally soaked. You can tell that it’s not his personal camera which he would treat with white gloves. Still, the camera survived being banged around a splashed with rain and snow which is more than I can say for other medium format digital systems.

WhatDigitalCamera (from the UK) also has a first look video as well:

Here is a slideshow of images from the Pentax 645D Flickr Group:

Adobe Lightroom 3.2 and Adobe Camera RAW 6.2 (both released on 8/30/2010) now officially support the Pentax 645D in DNG format.