Phase One Digital Artist Series (PODAS) Workshops 2010

medium format May 1, 2010

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COPENHAGEN, March 3, 2010— The 2010 Phase One Digital Artist Series (PODAS) international workshops are now open for enrollment. Dedicated to accelerating participants’ awareness and photographic skills through a small-group, intensive, interactive, hands-on learning environment, each of this year’s five all-inclusive PODAS workshops is limited to 25 participants and will be held at some of the most world’s most beautiful locations.

Multiple instructors and Phase One support staff offer a very low student-to-instructor ratio. Instructors include pro photographers and creative luminaries such as: Bill Atkinson, Daniel Bergmann, Charles Cramer, Mark Dubovoy, Katrin Eismann, Jack Flesher, James Martin, Jeff Schewe, Tim Wolcott, and Phase One CTO and vice president Claus Molgaard.

Each participant will be loaned a 60-megapixel P 65+ camera system comprising a Phase One 645DF camera body and P65+ back; a full set of Phase One lenses will also be available; also included is a copy of Capture One PRO software. Shooting excursions will be complemented by seminars on topics ranging from visualization to composition, capture, workflow and presentation.

For pricing, selected instructors, and much more, please see: Calendar follows:

May 23-28 Big Sur, USA
June 8-13 Glacier National Park, USA
August 29 – September 5 Iceland
October 31 – November Zion National Park, USA
December 1-7 Australia

“We’re offering photographers the chance to see the world in a whole new way,” said Kevin Raber, host of the PODAS workshop series and a vice president of Phase One US. “Participants will experience for themselves incredible image quality, advanced technology, small student/instructor ratios, continuous discovery, and a great deal of fun.”

A PODAS blog is now at: featuring a video presentation of the first workshop held last year. And you can follow PODAS on Twitter at:

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