Photo Plus 2017 - Day 0

Lenses Oct 25, 2017

Photo Plus Expo is upon us once more and I have once again traveled to the Big Apple to see what there is to see. Today was registration day and there was a small press event called Test Drive. Here are the highlights:

Skylum Software (nee Macphun)

With the launch of Windows versions of their flagship apps (Luminar pictured above) Macphun Software has rechristened themselves as Skylum Software. Recent ads by Skylum jockey themselves as a viable Adobe alternative. Luminar 2018 will be launching officially next week. More on that later.


Olympus was here showing off their newly announced M.Zuiko 17mm f/1.2 Pro and M.Zuiko 45mm f/1.2 Pro lenses. These two join their older sibling the M.Zuiko 25mm f/1.2 Pro (all three are pictured above). The lenses are surprisingly light considering that they are all weather sealed, AF/MF clutch (possibly the coolest way to switch between AF/MF) and have beautiful bokeh (even the 17mm).

Lume Cube

LED lighting has become very popular and Lume Cube has been at the forefront for several years. Their flagship Lume Cube has matured nicely with smartphone controls, accessories to connect it to everything from a smartphone to a DSLR to a video rig to drones. Their new Lumify light is a bit lower spec with a warmer light, a magnetic base, and fewer bells and whistles. Think of it as the blue collar version of the Lume Cube.

NailPoint Art

When I first got the e-mail telling me about this service, I thought they were talking about some method to 3D print images on acrylic fingernails (I’ve seen weirder). Lo and behold, they are actually producing photo prints using nails! Here is another angle so you see what I am talking about:

Print sizes range from 18″x 24″ to 22″ x 36″. The smaller prints can have up to 10,000 nails and the larger prints up to 20,000 nails.


Ever wanted Batman’s Utility Belt? Here’s your chance! TrakBelt360’s namesake product allows you to carry your photo gear on your hips with an easy way to slide stuff around to the front. I’m going to have to 3D print a Bat Belt Buckle for it.

Pro Media Gear

Pro Media Gear was present showcasing their latest gimbal mount for big-ass lenses. I have used Pro Media products in the past and their build quality is always top-flight.


X-rite Photo was on deck with their newly announced i1Studio color calibration system which can profile monitors, projectors, scanners, mobile devices and printers. This system also included dedicated profiling for Black & White prints, scanners, mobile devices and video.

Day 0 concluded with a delicious bowl of piping hot noodle soup at ZoobZib Thai Noodle BeerBar.

Stay tuned for Day 1!