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nyc Oct 5, 2016

Me Ra Koh Takes Parents and Kids on City Adventure Searching for Great Photos; World-Class Instructors Give Participants Unique Opportunities to See New York


NEW YORK – October 5, 2016 – Attendees of this year’s PhotoPlus Expo will have the opportunity to participate in numerous unique Photo Walks and gain hands-on experience from world class photographers and educators as they explore New York City with their cameras. More than 20 Photo Walks are scheduled and will cover a variety of topics including street photography, editorial and journalism, portraits, cityscapes, and more. Conveniently scheduled before and after Expo show hours, participating in a Photo Walk is a creative and inspiring way to begin or end each day while in New York.

Disney Junior host, Me Ra Koh, The Photo Mom, will lead a one-of-a-kind Photo Walk that takes parents and their children on an amazing photo adventure in search of light, shadow, and a new way of seeing the world together. In addition, world-class instructors including Jen Rozenbaum, Joel Grimes, Doug Menuez, Brooke Shaden, Michael Grecco, Scott Kelby, Matt Kloskowski and others will share their experience for a great learning adventure on the streets of Manhattan. To see a complete list of available Photo Walks, visit the online schedule.

“Photo Walks are a unique and intimate way of gaining hands-on training from some of the most celebrated teachers and photographers in the world,” explains Lauren Wendle, Vice President and Group Publisher of Photo+. “The ability to learn new tips and techniques from instructors and immediately put them into practice brings a whole new dimension to the learning process.  Participating in a morning or afternoon session is an energizing way to get the day started or end on a very high note.”

Photo Walk Lineup

Wednesday, October 19 – 4:00 – 6:00 p.m.

“Make Every Woman Look Amazing” (PW01) Sold Out

Jen Rozenbaum

Learn how Jen Rozenbaum uses her eight points of posing to make any — and every — woman look amazing. Then, put what you learned into action to create your own "shamelessly feminine" portraits.

“Portraits Unplugged: Under and On the High Line” (PW02) Sold Out

Bobbi Lane / Lee Varis

Join photographers Bobbi Lane and Lee Varis for this photo walk around New York’s famed High Line. The key to successful natural light portraits is learning to “see” and find the light, then successfully place your subject in the light for the mood of the image. Lane and Varis will show participants how to scout for light and will demonstrate porch lighting and backlighting, the use of reflectors and diffusers, and how to make any location work once you have found the appropriate light. Models will be used throughout the session.

Thursday, October 20 (8:00 – 10:00 a.m. Sessions)

“On-Location Portraiture” (PW03)

Miguel Quiles (Sponsored by Sony)

Sony Artisan Miguel Quiles will demonstrate the process of shooting dynamic portraits on location, how to find the best locations, pose the subject and offer guidelines using both available light and off-camera flash. The shoot will include live models and offer a great opportunity to walk away with some amazing photos and invaluable tips.

“Capture the Action with Small Flash” (PW04)

Tony Gale (Sponsored by Sony)

Join Sony Artisan Tony Gale in a unique hands-on experience on the streets of New York City as he shows participants how to enhance their action photography with a small flash.  Participants will learn how and why to use flash outdoors, how to use multiple small flash units to capture action, how and when to use high-speed sync, and much more.

“My Way, Your Way: Two Unique Perspectives on Off-Camera Flash” (PW05)

Moshe Zusman/Vanessa Joy (Sponsored by Adorama, Profoto, Miller’s Lab)

Moshe Zusman and Vanessa Joy will demonstrate their unique perspectives on off-camera flash. Start with timeless OCF lighting and posing scenarios with Joy and learning how to switch them up for more edge and drama with Zusman. Learn how to give your clients the best of both worlds quickly and easily while boosting studio sales and client satisfaction.

“The Art of Noticing” (PW06)

David Carol

The streets of major metropolitan cities are fast paced and chaotic. Our job as photographers is to organize the chaos—to be aware and to compose our images within the ebb and flow of humanity. The skills to photograph the subtleties of life can always be learned and improved. David Carol’s class will teach participants how to find your style and present your photographic point of view to the world.

“Fairytales on the Streets of NYC” (PW07) Sold Out

Brooke Shaden (sponsored by WHCC and X-Rite)

Art can be created anywhere, even in the alleyways of NYC. Join Shaden as she discusses ways of masking the hectic and visually distracting streets to create timeless pieces of art that will utilize set design, compositing and storytelling.  By using painterly techniques as well as the square format, traditional photographic properties are replaced by other worldly elements.

Thursday, October 20 (4:30 – 6:30 p.m. Sessions)

“Urban Landscapes—Light, Shadows and Utilizing Architectural Shadows” (PW08)

Michael Grecco (sponsored by Panasonic)

Michael will show participants how to hunt for light, manage shadow and use the great architectural background of the city to shoot your own urban landscapes. Michael will walk through some of his favorite New York spots known for their dynamic design, and illustrate how to strategically shoot from the magic hour and into darkness.

“Lite Lighting with Speedlites: The Power of Creative Lighting on Location” (PW09)

Rocco Ancora

Rocco will share his techniques in the art of lighting with Speedlights and remote flash set-ups. This Photo Walk is ideal for the photographer wanting to finesse their off-camera flash techniques and further develop their lighting skills.  Models will be provided throughout the Photo Walk.

“Making Great Portraits on Location” (PW10) Sold Out

Scott Kelby (Sponsored by Lexar)

Join Scott Kelby, Lexar Elite Photographer and author of the book Light It, Shoot It, Retouch It, on the streets of New York City for a hands-on Photo Walk that will teach participants how to make amazing portraits on location. Participants will learn the secrets to making natural light work for you—how to harness it, tame it, and balance it with flash—to add more depth and dimension to your location portraits. Working with two New York City-based models, participants will have an opportunity to put what they learned into immediate practice.

“Become a Family of Photo Detectives” (Parents & Kids Photo Walk) (PW11)

Me Ra Koh (Sponsored by Sony)

Bring your child and experience a special, new photo adventure with Disney Jr. host, Me Ra Koh, The Photo Mom. She will teach parents and children alike how to find great light, capture action, hunt for defining details to tell a story, and use ordinary shapes and lines to create extraordinary photos. Sign up for this fun, creative, hands-on session that you and your child will never forget (children must be at least 4 years old).

“NYC from Above: “A Unique Way to Capture the Most Photographed City” (PW12) Sold Out

Vivienne Gucwa (Sponsored by Sony)

Join travel photographer, best-selling author and Sony Artisan Vivienne Gucwa for a different type of Photo Walk that will take you to the rooftops of NYC.  In this Photo Walk, attendees will learn how to use ‘view from above’ angles to capture unique perspectives of an urban landscape and how to use changing light to enhance your work.

Friday, October 21 (8:00 – 10:00 a.m. Sessions)

“Love the Process” (PW13)

David Carol

For David Carol, the most important aspect of street photography is noticing the world around him and showing the viewer something he or she may not have noticed themselves. During this informative and inspiring photo walk, Carol will show you his process and teach you to love it as much as he does. You’ll learn how to harness the environment at-hand to focus on and expand your unique vision for making thought-provoking imagery. Come learn how to be process-oriented rather than results-oriented.

“Landscapes in the City” (PW14)

Matt Kloskowski (Sponsored by Sony)

Join Sony Artisan Matt Kloskowski for a hands-on photo walk that combines creative landscape photography with the urban city setting.  Participants will learn about a variety of useful and creative techniques including long exposure photos, using apps to enhance shooting, ND Filters and Polarizers, shooting into the sun, when to use HDR techniques, and much more.

“Learning Headshots: In Front and Behind the Camera” (PW15)

Lori Patrick

Anyone can use a good headshot these days. In a preliminary discussion, Lori Patrick will share insights on finding clients, conduct a posing demo and discuss client intention. Learn about posing, expression, crop, usage, delivery and more. Attendees will practice in pairs, producing headshots of each other, with Lori available as coach.

“Make Every Woman Look Amazing” (PW16)

Jen Rozenbaum

Encore performance from Wednesday, October 19.

“Authentic Street Photography with your iPhone (PW17)

Robert Herman

Join Robert Herman, author of The Phone Book (Schiffer Books), a new monograph shot entirely with the iPhone and the Hipstamatic app, during a photo walk in a neighborhood near Penn Station. If you are interested in making more authentic pictures on the street, the iPhone is the camera for you. And now, with the release of the iPhone 6 and 6S with a 12MP file, the image quality is superb. Learn the techniques Herman used to make the great pictures that led to the publication of The Phone Book.

Friday, October 21 (4:30 – 6:30 p.m. Sessions)

Lucky Shots: The Zen of Street Photography (PW18)

Doug Menuez

As the old saying goes, “luck favors the prepared.” On this Photo Walk, Doug Menuez will share how he combines his documentary techniques with a deliberate Zen mindfulness that allows him to enter a zone of hyper-awareness and concentration. He’ll also share his philosophy about respecting his subjects, discussing the fine line between telling their stories and exploiting them. Then, he’ll discuss choosing the right equipment and technical issues. Street photography brings a special kind of joy that involves embracing the mystery of life, especially in New York City.

“Beautiful Portrait in Unattractive Environments: No Flash, No Reflectors. Just Natural Light!” (PW19)

Peter Coulson

Peter Coulson will teach you how he finds the perfect lighting in any outdoor location. Participants will spend this hands-on photo walk learning how to see and use natural light, without any reflectors or flash.

“Adding Light to Your Environmental Portrait” (PW20)

Ira Block (Sponsored by Sony)

Environmental portraits are a powerful way to tell a story. Join Sony Artisan of Imagery and National Geographic photographer Ira Block as he teaches participants how to interact with their subjects to make them feel comfortable, relaxed and expressive. He will also discuss how to find locations that compliment and define your subjects controlling the light by adding reflectors, strobes, LEDs, candles or even flashlights.

“NYC Skyline and Hoboken Photo Walk” (PW21)

Katrin Eismann (Sponsored by Sony)

Join Sony Artisan, Katrin Eismann on a ferry ride to Hoboken, New Jersey, to photograph the NYC skyline and wander the parks and neighborhoods of the mile-square city. Participants will explore the tree-lined Stevens Institute of Technology campus, discover quaint streets lined with Brownstones, and wonder at the historical Hoboken Railroad Terminal. Participants will learn how to create unique images in the everyday environment by shifting perspectives, how to shoot during changing light, and tips for low-light shooting.

“The Sensational Portrait on Location” (PW22)

Joel Grimes (Sponsored by Canon)

Learn how to create dramatic portraits on location, using portable battery powered strobes. As an advertising photographer, Joel Grimes has been “strobing” subjects on location for over 30 years. Follow him out in the field as he demonstrates how to mix both strobe and ambient light, overpowering the sun; achieving shallow depth-of-field focus using ND filters while still using strobes and so much more.

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