PlanetAMD64 Server offline

Jan 26, 2009

The server that hosts PlanetAMD64/PlanetX64 is currently offline due to a concussed RAID controller. In spite of the fact that I have that server backed up to Mozy Pro, with a RAID 5 plus a hot-spare drive, the one real hardware failure that could kill us happened: RAID controller failure. Technically it’s not dead, it just lost the RAID configuration. A call to Adaptec support + $80 USD and the server is back and rebuilding the array. Whew! The server will be operational by noon tomorrow (1/27/2009).

Unfortunately, that server also hosts the primary DNS for all of my domains outside of the Planets (including this one), so I was out of commission for a few days. I have switched DNS hosts for this domain to and now at least I can get the word out.

I have to see about getting a cluster for the sites to avoid this nonsense in the future.