Poker Photography’s Emerging Creativity

editorial Sep 5, 2013

The Ongoing New Approaches by Jay Newnum and Joe Giron

Events Photography’s main goal is, of course, to recall moments of that particular day. This objective can be a challenge especially for a cut-throat competitive world like poker. For professional photographers Joe Giron and Jay Newnum, however, they take on the challenge with creativity and passion.

Joe Giron
It was December 2005, when Las Vegas-based professional photographer Joe Giron, took on the task of covering major poker tournaments in the US. According to {Giron’s official website}, his areas of expertise cover music, entertainment, and gaming industries. He creatively captures the musical genius of renowned bands like No Doubt, U2, Stone Temple Pilots, and Nirvana. The list of great rock and music icons under his creative portfolio is still growing.

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For his poker photography, Giron likes to get into the thick of things. “I am versatile in all formats of digital cameras, as well as comfortable in the studio, on the set or on location,” Giron states on his website. That said, it’s not surprising to see his body of work that really candidly show what has really happened during an event. His coverage of poker competitions like the World Poker Tour, the North American Poker Tour, and the World Series of Poker will show you just how he can capture a moment and make it look interesting despite the simplicity or the plainness of the shot.
“A versatile photographer, Joe is comfortable in the photo studio, on the movie or television set, at a concert, or on location with any format camera, whether film or digital,” photography resource site exclaims. You can see his poker-related work via

Jay Newnum
“In the poker industry, there is a limited amount of different shots you can get. Experimenting with different shots has become my new passion,” Newnum states in article published in his official website, Jay Newnum is a Bluff Magazine photographer and reporter who has recently given us windows to the exciting World Series of Poker 2013 Main Event that lead to the determination of the November Nine Format competition qualifiers.
“I don’t claim to be the best photographer in the world. As a matter of fact, I am far from the best photographer in the poker world alone,” the Los Angeles-based photographer, reporter, and blogger humbly writes. It is with this humility that makes him an in-demand photojournalist for prestigious poker gatherings. His takes on the PartyPoker-sponsored World Series of Poker 2013 Main Event really showed, not just what happened, but the emotions abound during that time.

And for certain, when you see a photograph credited under the name of Jay ‘WhoJedi’ Newnum, you’ll perfectly see AND feel that moment he captured. As he said in his photography article, “That is what we, as photographers, are supposed to be doing, right? Showing the feel of the moment, the vibe of the poker room, the tension in air, the emotion of winning or losing a big pot; these are the things that make a picture a photograph. A moment of time forever captured for the fans to witness.”