Possible Production Delays for Sony due to Thailand Floods

alpha Oct 17, 2011

Sony Japan posted the following press release on their site (the following is google translated):

For assistance to the victims of the flood affected areas in Thailand
The people the victims of flooding due to heavy rain in Thailand, We sincerely sympathy.  The Sony Group in order to help rescue and rehabilitation of areas affected by flood victims, will donate 30 million yen as a donation. In addition, employees from soliciting donations Sony disaster, and also conducted a matching gift company will contribute the same amount from it.  This is a disaster area, Sony’s manufacturing facilities are located, is an important area for Sony. At Sony, we would love to celebrate the reconstruction of affected areas as soon as possible.

While the statement reports that Sony is donating money to the afflicted areas (¥30M ~ $389K USD), it also states that their factories are located in the disaster area and that it is important to them. To me, this means that if production is delayed, they can blame the floods.

While the timing of this flood is unfortunate for consumers, it is more unfortunate for those Thais living in the area who have been flooded out. Please give generously to one of the various Flood Relief Organizations listed below: