Really Right Stuff Grip/L-plate Combo for Pen-F in Stock

Accessories May 2, 2016

Really Right Stuff, purveyors of fine camera accessories, have the BOPF Grip/Plate Combo in stock for the Olympus Pen-F. The combo includes the Arca-Swiss compatible base plate, the L adapter plate and a metal grip. Both the grip and L-plate are removable using the included Allen wrench.

The design moved the tripod hole back to the center of the camera while maintaining the gap for larger Pro lenses. The Allen wrench is held on magnetically. There is also a hole for their Magpul Gen 2 MS4 Dual QD Sling.

The L-plate has two mounting positions: a body-centered position for accurate portrait orientation:

And a forward position to allow the flip screen to be easily accessed.

Back of the camera is unobstructed by the base or grip.

It is unknown whether they will offer it without the L-plate or grip. The full kit retails for $180 USD. You can only purchase Really Right Stuff gear from their website.


The BOPF grip plate can now be ordered in various configurations besides the full set (base plate + l-plate + grip) including baseplate only, baseplate + grip, and baseplate + l-plate.