RED Scarlet and Bomb EVF surprise hands-on! -- Engadget

Camera Jan 11, 2010

RED Scarlet and Bomb EVF surprise hands-on! — Engadget

The boys at Engadget got to fondle the upcoming RED Scarlet DSMC (Digital Stills and Motion Camera) thanks to “Ted from RED”. The unit in the video is a non-working prototype, but it does give you an idea of the form-factors being designed here.

Later in the video Ted mentions pricing (actually reasonable) and expected delivery dates (late Spring/early Summer for Scarlet) but stated that they are “very fluid”.

Video after the jump.

If they manage to keep the prices where they claim, the RED Scarlet (or perhaps the Epic) would be of great interest to me for my ballet/stagework as some venues, who shall remained unnamed (*cough* Miramar Cultural Center *cough*), don’t like photographers “ruining the ballet experience for the patrons.”

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