SmugMug Doubles Prices for Pro Photographers

business Aug 31, 2012

In an email (and blog post) sent out to all users today, SmugMug co-founder and President Chris MacAskill announced that the price of Pro accounts will increase to $300/yr for Pro Business accounts. Current Pro users can renew for a token $50 off. Citing increasing storage costs, the Heroes of SmugMug have split Pro accounts into Portfolio ($150/yr) and Business ($300/yr) – the difference being the ability to set profit margins on the latter account. To be honest with you, I do not have any insight as to the inner workings of SmugMug but i do have 27 years of enterprise IT experience and I can tell you that storage costs have steadily down while capacities have skyrocketed. This argument does not hold water with me. That their storage provider has decided to nail them to the wall and they are passing the costs on to the customers is more believable. Why SmugMug has not actively sought out to find another storage provider is utterly beyond me.

Not smugmug
I have been a SmugMug user for a couple of years now. I was on ZenFolio prior to that and while ZF was an excellent service, SM provided me with a level of customization, pro features, all at a price I could afford. ZF had been dragging its feet getting customization features out the door, but that is no longer the case. I will likely be jumping ship back to ZF in a few months, well in advance of my SmugMug renewal.
So long Smuggers, it was a fun ride until you decided to end it.