Unexpected Use for an iPhone - Camera Viewfinder

Accessories Dec 7, 2010

At Photokina 2010, Alpa of Switzerland unveiled an accessory for their Alpa 12 line of scale focused rangefinder cameras. The Alpa iPhone Holder allows you to use your iPhone (3/4 & iPod Touch) mounted on your Alpa 12 camera. From their website:

The new ALPA iPhone® holder allows the technophile photographers using their iPhone® 3/4 and iPod touch®  (later also others) a secure and firm mounting of their device on top of an ALPA. It fits all ALPA 12 models. It can be used in several positions:

  • horizontal, symmetric
  • horizontal, minimum prallax
  • vertical, minimum parallax

Possible applications:

  • electronic viewfinder (ALPA recommends apps like “Viewefinder Pro” or “ProCamera”)
  • as GPS logger
  • as control unit for electronic shutters and the like
  • as digital notepad
  • other apps are under development


Expected price: USD 606.00/ EUR 479.00

I want this rig…