Apr 192014
Lomography Introduces the Russar+ Lens

Celebrating a ground-breaking optical design: The New Russar+ is a rebirth of the Russar MR-2 lens, which was masterminded by and named after M. M. Rusinov, the father of all modern super-wide-angle lens design. Due to its fantastic optics, near-perfect distortion control and illumination, the Russar+ offers stronger technical performance than comparable lenses on the [...]

Apr 152014
Ricoh Imaging Unveils the Pentax 645Z Medium Format DSLR

DENVER, CO, April 14, 2014 – It is not often that a camera can be referred to as a game-changer. One that can provide photographers with the tools that not only enrich their craft but are capable of producing images so distinct they are easily set apart from the competition.  Today, Ricoh Imaging Americas Corporation [...]

Apr 082014
Mavericks Slow SMB Transfer Issue

As part of my workflow, I use Photo Mechanic 5 to import the images from my memory cards into my Mac Pro. As part of the ingestion process, I have PM5 make a backup copy of all incoming files on my Thecus NAS. Everything was hunky-dory until the most recent update to Mavericks (10.9.2) where [...]

Mar 312014
Phase One Updates Capture One to 7.2.1

Phase One has released version 7.2.1 of its Capture One photo software today. Here’s what’s included in this update: Improvements & Bug Fixes Enhanced color profiles for Phase One IQ250, Olympus E-M10 and Fujifilm X-E2. Fixed an OpenCL related issue on the new Mac Pro with D300 and D500 graphics cards. Fixed a number of [...]

Mar 312014
Olympus Introduces Two New Cameras - Stylus TOUGH TG-3 and Stylus SH-1

CENTER VALLEY, Pa., March 31, 2014 — Olympus expands outdoor shooting and sharing capabilities in even the most challenging of conditions with the new STYLUS TOUGH TG-3. The Flagship STYLUS TOUGH TG-3 boasts a new level of performance for the Tough series of rugged cameras, with a high-speed f2.0 lens (25mm–100mm*), expanded macro photography capabilities, GPS, and built-in [...]

Mar 282014
Fuji X-T1 Update 2

My Fuji X-T1 arrived yesterday and it is free of the light leak issues that plagued the first batches sent out. The Zeiss Touit 12mm arrived as well and testing of both is underway. I have to say that so far, I am impressed. Here are some samples from last night’s walkabout right around the [...]

Mar 252014
Fuji X-T1 Update

The Canadian Container Truckers Strike continues with no reasonable end in sight, so I have cancelled my order with Henry’s Camera. I have placed an order with PopFlash in the USA and my X-T1 ships out today. There are no grips available yet in the USA, but I expect that to be rectified shortly. On [...]

Mar 172014
Canadian X-T1 Shipments Delayed Due To Trucker Strike

A truckers strike at the Port of Vancouver has greatly impacted the Canadian economy (to the tune of $885M CAD per week) and does not seem to have any end in sight. This is especially troubling for those of us who elected to purchase our Fuji X-T1’s from our neighbor to the North to take [...]

Mar 072014
Two from Adorama: Glow Hexapop 24" Off Camera Softbox and 3Pod P4CFH Carbon Fiber Fold Flat Tripod

Photo review sites are always going on about cameras and lenses. Very few take the time to review some of the other gear that enables you to get the shot. Major photographic retailers have been taking advantage of the global marketplace and expanding their product lines with in-house branded accessories. Adorama graciously sponsored my site [...]

Feb 262014
Coming Soon: Fuji X-T1

Just a quick update. I have an order placed for a Fuji X-T1 for review. Originally, I placed the order with Amazon, but later cancelled it and ordered with Henry’s of Canada. Canada? Yes, despite the fact that I live in Miami, FL I ordered from a Canadian camera store. Why, you ask? Well, Fujifilm [...]

Feb 252014
LEICA X VARIO: New Silver Finish

Allendale, NJ (February 25, 2014) – Leica Camera presents a sleek, silver version of the Leica X Vario as an alternative finish to the understated black of the standard model.In classic black or stylish silver, the Leica X Vario is a product that epitomizes the Leica’s trademark quality and offers even greater versatility and creative [...]

Feb 052014
Fuji X-E1 vs. OM-D E-M1 (Part 5) Traveling with the OM-D E-M1

For the E-M1’s travel test, we headed off to where all Cubans go to experience snow: Gatlinburg , TN. I was asked by some friends of our who own a cabin to take some nice photos of the property to update their rental website. More on that later.  5 shot panoramic shot with the panoramic [...]

Feb 032014
Hasselblad Launches the Hasselblad HV Full Frame 35mm Digital SLR

  PRESS INFORMATION | FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Hasselblad, the iconic camera-maker favoured by many of the world’s most accomplished professional photographers, has launched a brand new ‘elite’ camera – and this time pointed it at amateur photo-enthusiasts who demand the ultimate in both style and performance. The sleek new Hasselblad HV, which is available immediately, [...]

Jan 312014
Zeiss Introduces the Touit 2.8/50M Macro Lens

OBERKOCHEN, January 30, 2014
More and more photographers are taking advantage of the growing possibilities afforded by compact system cameras with APS-C sensors. With the Touit 2.8/12 and Touit 1.8/32, ZEISS already offers two lenses with E- and X-mount that suffice in meeting the demands of ambitious photographers. Now, the new ZEISS Touit 2.8/50M expands the [...]

Jan 282014
Thoughts on the Fuji X-T1

Fuji’s release of the much leaked X-T1has caused quite the buzz online. The X-T1 is the number one preordered mirror less camera on Amazon USA. Fuji’s entry into the “retro SLR styled compact system camera” looks like it has a lot going for it. Inevitably, comparisons to the Olympus OM-D E-M1 will be forthcoming. I [...]