About Me

I have been a photographer ever since my parents gave me a Yashica TL-Electro SLR to learn on. I was 12 years old. My dad’s best friend (who lived across the street) gave me a copy of the 1947 edition of The Leica Manual. I read that book from cover to cover at least five times. I own it to this day. In high school, I joined the yearbook as a photographer. I learned to develop and print black-and-white photos.

For some reason, I decided to get a degree computer science in college. Photography took a back seat for a long time. Little did I realize that the two would be coming together in the future.

When the digital revolution came to photography, my wife and I were having our first child. We decided to get a Toshiba PDM70 point and shoot (at a whopping 3 megapixels) to record our little girl’s early days. Photographing a toddler with that camera was nigh impossible with that camera, so I upgraded to a Canon D60 (a titanic 6 megapixels). After our son was born and the kids really started to move about, the focus capabilities of that camera was outdone and I upgraded to a Canon 1D Mk II (sporting 8 megapixels). That pro level camera served me well and as my skills developed in digital image processing, I made the jump to shooting RAW exclusively.

In 2007, I realized a dream when I acquired a Leica M8. I had always dreamed of owning a Leica ever since I got that copy of the Leica Manual. The dream was not to last, however, as I started to shoot professionally in 2008 and had to trade my Leica M8 for Nikon gear I could get paying gigs with. I currently shoot with Olympus equipment (E-M1 MkII primary) specializing in stagecraft and portrait photography.

I taught photography to middle-school children for three years, adult classes for two more and currently run a local photography club.

I am available for hire.

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